) What is a Computer?

2) What is CPU?

3) What is ALU?

4) What is CU?

5) What is RAM?

6) What is ROM?

7) What is PROM?

8) What is EPROM?

9) What is EEPROM?

10) Differentiate between Volatile and non-volatile memory.

11) What are the input and output devices?

12) What is the need for cache memory?

13) Differentiate between main memory and second memory.

14) What is hardware?

15) Mention the different types of hardware components?

16) What are the different types of keyboards?

17) Differentiate between serial and parallel keyboard.

18) How do you classify printers?

19) Differentiate between serial and parallel printer.

20) Differentiate between impact and non-impact printers.

21) Differentiate between line and page printers.

22) Which printer do you select when high quality output is to be produced?

23) What is meant by softcopy output?

24) What is meant by hardcopy output?

25) What is printer buffer?

26) What is meant by tracks?

27) What is meant by sectors?

28) What is CD-ROM?

29) What are the different types of mouse?

30) What are the main parts of a floppy disk?

31) Differentiate between magnetic disks and optical disks.

32) What is programming?

33) What is software?

34) What are the different types of software?

35) What are the different types of programming languages?

36) Differentiate between interpreter and compiler.

37) Differentiate between loader and linker.

38) Differentiate between Application software and System software.

39) What is an operating system?

40) What are language processors?

41) Mention some operating systems.

42) Differentiae between compiler and assembler.

43) What is translator?

44) What is meant by interpretation?

45) What is meant by source program?

46) What is meant by object program?

47) Give examples for High Level Languages.

48) Give examples for Assembly Level Languages.

49) Give examples for General purpose HLL.

50) Give examples for Specific purpose HLL.

51) Differentiate between Analog and Digital computers.

52) Differentiate between microcomputer & minicomputer.

53) Differentiate between internal & external DOS commands.

54) How do you classify the computers based on the size & capability?

55) How do you classify the computers based on principle of working?

56) What is computer network?

57) How do you classify the computer networks?

58) What is Batch processing?

59) What is Time Sharing?

60) Differentiate between LAN and WAN.

61) What are the different types of DOS?

62) What is DOS?

63) What is Real Time Systems?

64) What are the advantages of computer network?

65) What is BCPL?

66) Who developed BCPL?

67) Who developed B language?

68) Who developed C language?

69) How do you make comments in C program?

70) How the name C is derived?

71) What is K & R C?

72) What is preprocessor statement?

73) Differentiate between constant and variable.

74) What is data type?

75) Name the basic data types of C.

76) Differentiate between string constant and character constant.

77) What is the range of integer, char, float for a 16-bit computer?

78) What is a statement?

79) What is a keyword?

80) Differentiate between keywords and identifiers.

81) What is the need for an escape sequences?

82) What is a symbolic constant?

83) How do you classify C operators?

84) What is the use of modulus operator?

85) What is meant by mixed mode operation?

86) What are bitwise operators?

87) What is unary operator?

88) What is binary operator?

89) What is typecasting?

90) What is a conditional / ternary operator?

91) What is need for type conversion?

92) Differentiate between && and &.

93) Differentiate between pre-increment/decrement & post-increment/decrement.

94) Differentiate between Unformatted and formatted i/o statements.

95) How do you classify the control statements?

96) Differentiate between while and do-while loop.

97) Differentiate between break and continue.

98) When do you prefer for loop statement?

99) What is looping?

100) What is an array?

101) Give the classification of arrays?

102) Differentiate between an array and an ordinary variable.

103) Array variable is also called as ______.

104) What are character arrays?

105) When do you use two-dimensional character array?

106) Name the different string handling functions?

107) What is meant by modularization?

108) Differentiate between standard functions & user-defined functions?

109) Differentiate between arguments and parameters.

110) Differentiate between local and global variables.

111) Name the different methods of parameter passing?

112) How does the function definition differ from function declaration?

113) What is recursive function?

114) What is meant by scope of a variable?

115) What is a structure?

116) Differentiate between array and structure.

117) What are embedded structures?

118) How do you access the member of a structure?

119) What is union?

120) Differentiate between union and structure.

121)What is a pointer?

122) Differentiate between address operator and dereferencing operator.

123) How do you declare a pointer variable


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